Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Stay at Baner…..Stay at Westernhills

If you are looking out for a perfect abode to quickly shift in or maybe thinking of getting a perfect future investment option, then you could not be wrong in selecting Westernhills, Baner. Firstly why Baner and secondly why Westernhills. We at Atul Enterprises have the most closest answer to it. Let’s first magnify the area of Baner- Its connectivity to major cities and roads, the Mumbai Pune expressway connect, listed IT companies in the vicinity and prominent areas around. In the area of Baner, Pashan is to the south, Balewadi to the west, Aundh to the north and Pune University to the east.

Overviewing the area and taking the advantage of this beautiful environment at Baner, we at Atul enterprises have introduced 40 acres gated community project titled Westernhills in Baner. Westernhills is an exclusive gated community developed in different phases. Life in Westernhills simply gets more vibrant with the amazing feature of rustic architecture. Phase I comprises of 17 acres and offers a range of 3, 3.5 BHK Single Level best apartments in Pune & 3.5, 4 BHK garden duplexes and townhouses and 4.5 BHK Villas.

The Phase I also offers two 12 story high-rise buildings with spacious 3 BHK & 4 BHK respectively. Phase II spreads across 12 acres and offers 1.5, 2 and 2.5 BHK high rise apartments. Every apartment offers a sense of light, space and a wealth of architectural brilliance.​

Baner falls in the western side of Pune. Once in the outskirts, the area has now merged into Pune with the backbone of rapid urbanization and ITziation. Baner-Pashan Biodiversity Park is also a great attraction of this place.

Most of us look for a good home option for flats in Pune. Westernhills in Baner is the best home option that could go well with your budget too. Westernhills is an excellent getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city and provides a great morning trek location for the weekends. One can view the whole of Baner on one side and the Pashan area from the other.

With flats in Pune, Westernhills by Atul Enterprises to be a great and inspiring concept in affordable housing projects. Some of the previous and successful projects by us includes Tiara and Grandura at Baner, Hill view residency at Warje etc. Along with Westernhills, we are also coming up with few new projects in Wakad, Pimple Saudagar too. So if you have still not booked your dream home Hurry!!!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Westernhills-Pune, a perfect fit for your home

The Concept of buying homes in Pune is trending a lot these days. Due to easy accessibility of transport, personal vehicles, good roads and less travel time, the concept has received a good response from individual buyers.

There are three types of segments under the real estate sector. The first is the luxury segment with high-end apartments ranging from among 3 to 4 BHK with first class amenities and high price bars. The second is the mid segment houses which has a basic and limited amenities. And the third category is that of the affordable housing. As the name suggests, the affordable housing is something through which an individual can manage attending his/her right of the basic need of housing. There is a huge shortfall of homes in the affordable housing segments. Most of the builders have piled up inventories but all belonging to the luxury band. Usually most of the builders do not take up this segment, but we at Atul Enterprises through Westernhills have ensured that we satisfy all the different customer bandwidth at our end.

Westernhills is among the best residential properties in Pune covering the prominent area of Baner. Development in Baner and the vicinity around has always been taken as an ideal example of proper and systematic growth. Having a residential project at Baner that too under the affordable segment may sound antithesis but it is the reality and a dream come true.

Spread across 40 acres, Westernhills in Baner is an exclusive gated community developed in different phases. Phase I comprises of 17 acres and offers a range of 3, 3.5 BHK Single Level apartments & 3.5, 4 BHK garden duplexes and townhouses. The 3 BHK apartments range from 1827 Sq. ft. whereas the 3.5 BHK range from 2264 sq. ft. The 3.5 BHK garden duplexes range from 2600 sq. ft and 4 BHK garden duplexes range from 4000 sq. ft. The 4.5 BHK Villas are available in the configuration from 5100 sq. ft to 5600 sq. ft. and 3 & 4 BHK spacious apartments in high-rise are available in the configuration ranging from 2113 sq. ft for 3 BHK and 4 BHK for 2792 sq. ft.

In Phase I, we also have 12 story 2 high-rise buildings with the portions of 3 BHK & 4 BHK respectively.​These apartments are designed in such a way that, they facilitate beautiful panoramic views of Baner & the surrounding areas.

​​The villas & garden duplex come with a double-height ceiling and classic sloping rooftops, perfectly embedded in the rustic architecture, giving it a nostalgic yet a contemporary look. These villas & garden duplexes have a private garden with a wooden deck, which further opens up in a veranda/ courtyard, porch reminiscing the charm of old Pune.

Life at the townhouses in Westernhills simply gets more vibrant with the rustic architecture. The architecture here is a perfect blend of functionality and beauty, a feature reminiscent of the grandeur of old Pune. These garden duplexes hold a cosy little courtyard. 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Pune, the elated address to your new home.

What is an Ideal city? Wikipedia states that an ideal city is the concept of a plan for a city that has been conceived in accordance with the dictates of some "rational" or "moral" objective. One more added fact to this is that in an ideal city, the percentage of the commercial and residential blocks are equal. In this particular write-up, lets know how important is the role of residential blocks. What boosts the residential market in any particular area? You know the answer and its the commercial and educational atmosphere in that particular area. However ensuring a proper balance may be a bit difficult but not at all impossible and that’s what makes Pune the perfect.

This magical city will not at all allow you to settle for anything less, needless to say that the city serves the diverse and a large number of property options. The city has the right menu card of properties all over the Pune to serve it right and with the customization for the perfect platter. What more one can ask for when involving in purchase of dream home. A home where all the magic comes to life and which ultimately comes to you.

Good cities have always shown a particular mathematics as with every new educational institute or mall or any other commercial space coming up in a particular area an automatic residential development in that band occurs further developing the civilization of the area. There is a large variety of Residential properties in Pune. These properties have a huge variety of range that is right from the luxury segments to mid segment to affordable segments.  Now a day, Pune is also coming up with several redevelopment projects too.

Atul enterprise is a name that has emerged through 4 decades of trust. The company has coined its name through the relation of trust and appreciation shared by the customers. The company had initiated projects in the areas of Baner, Warje, Kothrud, Aundh and is now planning to unleash property options in various other prominent areas of the city. The group has also ventured in to commercial spaces through its project centriole at Aundh.

The announcement of the future projects has led to excitement among the people of Pune and has encouraged enquiries for the projects. So, it’s not just the builder’s project that is in demand but it is the organizations hard work that has contributed towards building such a strong relationship. The company is now run by the second generation but the value endures it stays and the promise to take it forward accompanies.  So when you want to book a home or looking towards an investment options, just visit the website for Atul enterprises and book your dream home.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Greet Pune With Atul Enterprises, A Trusted Name In Realty

Real Estate Developers in PuneIf you come across the Indian map and stress on the Maharashtra region, some of the amazing facts that will summon your attention is that the state is the 3rd largest state in the country with respect to the area. Not only this, but the state also has the title of the second largest in terms of population. The Maharashtra state also boasts for being home to some prominent cities of the country like the Navi Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, etc., to name a few.

Even the attractive geography of the state with a long coast line of 720 kilometers along the Arabian Sea, the Deccan plateaus, Western Ghats, the beautiful Konkan stretch are some of the best embellishments of the state gifted by the nature. The strong cultural history with the reign of the brave King Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj has also added to the greatness of the state.

And the best subset to the features of the state is the city of Pune. Pune is among the fastest growing cities of India. Day on day, the city has better developments and better sights of growth to offer, though still not among the Metro cities but can be surely overviewed as a perspective and a potential Metropolitan. The city’s development, balanced nature, strong culture is its highlights.

With growth at its best, the city is now developing on the fringes areas like Hadapsar, Ravet, Manjri Mulshi etc. Development of the stated areas has opened up options for properties in Pune. Also the attributes of top companies of India and abroad in the vicinity of the city. The Mumbai Pune Express highway has lessened the travelling duration so that one can very easily travel and getting commercial activities together. Also the tourist spots near to the city like Lonavala-Khandala, ADLABS IMAGICA, Kokan patti etc all that will take your attention.

So in such a lively place if you wish to plan your dream home than what you thinking as this place have some of the best properties in Pune. Not only the properties with good location but good amenities & facilities with attractive deals. But it is always important to take the deal from the trusted developers.

Here flashes the name of Atul enterprises, one of the most sort names in the Pune Real Estate Industry. We have gained trust in the market for last 4 decades of service wherein some of the best project were created by Atul enterprises with its established projects like in Hill view residency at Warje, Grandura and Tiara at Baner.

Atul enterprises reviews specialty projects keeping in mind the customer demands as it is always important to design affordable luxury where the apartments do attract the buyers by the design but also by the price factor. Giving buyers what they want the company has offers with all welcoming amenities along with great and good location.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

A Trusted Realty Is Now A Reality With Atul Enterprises

Residential projects in Pune - Atul Enterprises Makes a Mark
In today’s world, it is a real difficult task to find a developer organization with an untainted image.

But for Atul enterprises, one of the famous real estate developers in Pune, Real estate is a platform to build relations. True Relations that are moulded out of trust is key driver and a strong base of the huge empire of Atul enterprises. Delivering what the buyers expect may sound easy but in real, this task is not that effortless.

Victory lies in customer satisfaction only. No matter how hard it must be to deliver but what is important is to keep the smiles on the face of the customers alive. Atul enterprises believe that the bond should be so strong that every time your company name is heard by the customer which should reflect and change in to smiles.

Atul enterprises has not only known but also appreciated for its role in identifying and sketching out Pune city’s prominent areas to make it a destination for future dwelling. Culturally rich, the city of Pune beholds some of the prominent historical structures. And therefore Initiating development in the premises of this city is not at all an easy task. Still developing, the city keeping the essence alive is a challenging task and not wrong to say that this challenge has been successfully accepted and completed by us. Some of the major projects developed by Atul enterprises namely Tiara at Baner, Hill view Residency at Warje, Muktai at Kothrud etc has left a lasting impression on the lives of the customers there thus making a room for loyal customers. One of its famous commercial space centriole at the Main chowk of Aundh has got the group much acclamation for the well-done commercial space.

One more quality that adds to the nature of the company and distinguishes it from others is its dialogue with customers to understand their needs and aspirations. With growing illegal constructions and high rates of property in Pune even the customers should find a safe and wallet friendly staying place so that his lifelong saving s has a justified use and do not fall in the wrong hands.

Founded in 1981, Atul enterprises has now entered and handled by the second generation. Atul enterprises reviews has always been a positive one as the company’s 4 decade dedication and success footprints in every era speaks for its self and describes the quality penchant of the company. With second generation handling the office there are newer ideas falling in and newer horizons being discovered every day.